Dišimo: Anchoring Our Breath

Dišimo is a multimodal ambient display that provides feedback about one’s stress level, which is assessed through heart rate monitoring. Upon detecting a low heart rate variability for a prolonged period of time, Dišimo plays an audio track, setting the pace of a regular and deep breathing. Users can then choose to take a moment to focus on their breath. By doing so, they will activate the Dišimo devices belonging to their close ones, who can then join for a shared relaxation session.

This project was done side-by-side with Jelena.

Associated publications

  • Mladenović, Jelena, Frey, Jérémy and Cauchard, Jessica R. (2018). Dišimo: Anchoring Our Breath. ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI EA '18). pdf_link_image