Jérémy Frey

Behind this smiling face lies a researcher in computer science at Bordeaux University (one thing to thank wine for: make the city famous abroad). I’m part of the Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique (LaBRI) and work in Inria as a member of the Potioc team.

My thesis started with the evaluation of human-computer interaction through electroencephalography, but quickly I got interested in how physiological sensors could shape our interactions with machines, and ultimately how they could change our relationships with other individuals. If it sounds a vast program it’s not my fault: as a former student in cognitive science it’s hard not to think outside the box.

Under the hood

Jekyll + Skinny Bones theme + GitHub Pages hosting = geekish website.


If you want to shoot me – and don’t hesitate to! – write an e-mail jeremy dot frey at inria dot fr (take that, spam bots!).

Even though I’m the kind of guy that suffers from a 140 characters limit, I sporadically post on Twitter: @jfrey_xx.